Best New Games For The Week Of April 26th, 2018

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The App Store is ready to cast a spell to set gaming mayhem on your iOS device. As usual, the new games run the gamut of genres to offer wide appeal. The early highlights include a Harry Potter lifestyle simulation, a run and gun shooter sequel, a dystopian futuristic adventure, and more.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter

Jam City, Inc.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery lets anyone play out their wizarding dreams on-the-go.

Become a student at Hogwarts, and play through the world of Harry Potter. Be selected into a house, cast spells with touch controls, search the grounds, and more.

Major Mayhem 2

Major Mayhem 2

Rocket Jump

The run and gun shooter returns.

The original offered the ability to run in the foreground and fire at enemies in the background. The sequel continues the style with an enhanced graphical style as well as 50 all new levels.

Still Here... Flight Adventure

Still Here

David Smit

A dystopian future adventure.

An adventure game set in the remnants of human civilization. Guide the jetpack toting Pip to explore the dystopian future, and try to figure out puzzles along the way as well as the overarching mystery of what happened to humanity.



Philipp Stollenmayer

A letter based puzzler that isn’t a word game.

A letter based puzzle game that focuses on physics rather than making words. Type out letters to fall into the puzzle to complete the objective.

Pocket Pins

Pocket Pins

Koby Ahronson

Arcade bowling with shifting lanes.

A combination of bowling and mini-golf that requires trick shots to knock down all of the pins. Each lane can introduce blockades, curve gems, and more tweaks to increase the challenge of traditional bowling.

Mushroom Guardian

Mushroom Guardian

Mariano Larronde

Help the gnome collect mushrooms in this platformer.

Play as a gnome, and get ready for a classically inspired platformer game. Aim, shoot, jump, roll and fly to collect mushrooms and bring life back to forest.

Nuclear inc 2

Nuclear inc 2

Dmitry Lomakin

Become a power plant manager.

A unique simulation game that puts you in control of a nuclear power facility. The game tests your ability to monitor the temperature of the nuclear reactor, the turbogenerator, the pressure, the level of radiation, and more.



Raventurn Games GmbH

On rails space shooter fun.

Get ready to tap the target at the right time as your ship flies along. The game is more endless runner than arcade space shooter as you have less targets to fire upon.


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