Best New Games For The Week Of May 3rd, 2018

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New games are teleporting into the App Store adventure, and trying to spike the landing. May is upon us, and there are brand new iOS game to celebrate the occasion. The early highlights include a spikey ascent, a horror adventure, a magical platformer, and more.

Spike City

Spike City


A swipe based platformer.

Nitrome has a new platformer, and this one is all about swipe controls. Send the spike upwards in this vertical challenge filled with enemies, switches, and the ability to stick into walls.

DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition


Winterveil Studios Oy

A horror based puzzle adventure.

A 2D side scrolling puzzle adventure game with a dark horror setting. Plat as Price, steal the land of an elderly lady, and prepare to puzzle through the consequences of sacrificing your humanity.



Plug In Digital

A magical platformer.

Magibot delivers classic platformer elements mixed with the ability to fly, stop time, teleport, or pass through objects.

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Dungeon Hunter Champions


Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter series returns as a MOBA.

The Dungeon Unter series meets the massive online battle arena style with five on five gameplay. The action RPG style returns with over 250 champions to collect and upgrade.



Crescent Moon Games

AXE.IO is an intense and brutal multiplayer battlegrounds arena game that is perfect for bite-size mobile gaming sessions.

AXE.IO is an intense and brutal multiplayer battlegrounds game where you must throw axes and fend off your foes as long as you can.

Dungeon X Dungeon

Dungeon X Dungeon


An action packed dungeon adventure.

A retro inspired 2D side scrolling action adventure game. Hack and slash your way through dungeons filled with all types of enemies.

Flick Champions VS: Paintball

Flick Champions VS

NAWIA GAMES Sp. z o.o.

Flick Champions returns with a new paintball version.

Swipe to move across the paintball field to get in cover, and take out enemies. You can play real-time multiplayer arcade mode or solo mode.

Moon Surfing

Moon Surfing

Christian Schnellmann

Hoverboard across the moon.

A relaxing hoverboard experience that provides a mellow vibe as you explore the surface of the moon at your own pace. The game becomes more difficult as you explore, and encounter more challenging topography.

Ramboat 2 - New Shooting Game

Ramboat 2

Genera Games

Run and gun fun!

A fast paced run and gun shooter with tons of enemies to blast away, and obstacles top jump over. You can also shoot in slow motion, or build up a rush attack.


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