Best New Games Of The Week: June 7th, 2018

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New games are set for titanic battles in an attempt to defend the App Store dog house. There is an emphasis on augmented reality and a blast from the past in this week's new releases. The early highlights include a grand scale battler, a classic tower defense game, a puzzle platformer, a retro arcade challenge, and more.

The Ancients AR

The Ancients AR

The Ancients AR

Immersion Sp. z o.o.

An AR based real time strategy game.

A real time strategy game with titanic characters to control and battle. Wage large sea battles with the help of fireballs, lightning bolts, and event dragons. The game emphasizes advanced 3D modeling in augmented reality.

The Creeps! 2

The Creeps! 2

Super Squawk Software LLC

A classic fixed path tower defense sequel.

The original is a classic fixed path tower defense game that came out way back in 2008. The sequel introduces a new 3D design, all new creeps, brand new towers, 40 new levels, and AR mode.

In The Dog House

In The Dog House


A puzzle platformer all about dogs around the house.

A puzzle platformer in which you get to drag and flip the tiles of the house to create a pathway for the pooch. There are 50 levels included as you guide the dog through the house, and you can unlock additional dogs.

Silverfish DX

Silverfish DX

Chaotic Box

Retro arcade action with a doge 'em challenge.

A retro inspired arcade game in which you try to weave through enemies until you can turn the tides by activating power pods. It plays a bit like Pac-Man, but without the maze. The re-release introduces an all new streamlined set up with enhanced graphics.

Stories of Bethem - Full Moon

Stories of Bethem

Cristobal Mata

A retro inspired action RPG.

Explore a vast Kingdom as you guide Khoma on the path to become a wizard. Learn new magical spells along the way, and get ready to face puzzles to advance.

Only When Howling

Only When Howling

Kimberly Savory

An interactive art piece that inspire contemplation.

There are three characters to follow along with as you get to uncover the depth of their emotions and connections. The app includes many types of interactions to explore and discover along the way.

Flick Arena

Flick Arena

Flaregames GmbH

A head to head arena battle game.

An online multiplayer real time strategy challenge. Flick your character discs to try to take out your opponent, and try many different strategies.

Gleam of Fire

Gleam of Fire

Su Min Kim

A Metroidvania action adventure game.

Prepare for an onslaught of action as you collect souls from enemies to light torches for upgrades. You can shoot arrows, perform magic, and pull off melee combos across over 30 levels.

Deep Space | Space-Platformer

Deep Space | Space

Crescent Moon Games

A space based platformer with randomly generated levels.

Play as the special DeTeam tasked with taking out everyone and anything that could be infected. Travel between different space stations, and get ready to run and jump in classic platformer style.


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