Can You Dig It In These Arcade Digging Games?

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A fast paced arcade digging game with an actual storyline.

An angry mole has captured your beloved, and it's up to you to dig to save her. There are five worlds to travel to as well as boss battles to fight as you descend into the earth. You will also need to watch out for spikes, spider webs, TNT, lava, bats, and more.

Collect the gold

Dig Deep!

Dig Deep!

Noodlecake Studios Inc

For a fast-paced, fun, intergalactic mining adventure, you will dig this game.

The controls for Dig Deep! are simple; tap right or left to move in that direction and tap rapidly to move quicker. Collect gold, upgrade your miner, get game boosts, and watch out for evil aliens and dangerous traps.

Puzzle to the Center of Earth

Puzzle to the Center of Earth

Foursaken Media

Make matches to dig deep.

The classic match three gameplay is present allowing you to connect like colored shapes. You need to make matches to clear your descent as you try to dig to the center of the earth across over 80 levels.

Digby Forever

Digby Forever

3 Sprockets

Dig through a colorful world with Digby.

Simply swipe in the direction you want to dig, and find special ability cards to aid in your dig. The game includes monsters, lava, lasers, and even cave-ins as you try to uncover crystals.

Dig Out!

Dig Out!


Try to save the kingdom by digging for treasure.

An endless digging challenge that includes puzzle elements allowing you to weave through obstacles, set traps for monsters, and more. Each time you play, there's a randomly generated endless map.

Mine Blitz

Mine Blitz

Pine Entertainment

A fast paced arcade digging challenge.

Try to figure out the timing in an attempt to pull of speed runs as you dig down through the gold mine. There are traps, bombs, pikes, and dungeon creatures to deal with, and potentially avoid with trick moves.

Keep diggin

I Dig It Remastered

I Dig It Remastered

InMotion Software, LLC

You'll dig this even more.

It all began in June 2009, when the original I Dig It was released for iPhone. Then came the globe-trotting edition I Dig It Expeditions for iPhone the following November. And then I Dig It HD for iPad arrived on the scene in 2010. Now, over half a decade later, out of the blue comes a new title in the I Dig It digging game series from InMotion Software. Enter: I Dig It Remastered.

Doug dug.

Doug dug.

Doug dug

The Electric Toy Company

Go digging for buried treasure as Doug the dwarf in this quirky casual game.

A retro inspired arcade digger with pixel art depths to descend through. Discover all kinds of things lying beneath from gold and coins to bats and lava with the potential for cove ins too.

Dig a Way

Dig a Way

Digi Ten

A puzzle platformer with digging as the main mechanic.

There are over 70 levels included across different underground venues. The game emphasizes puzzles as you try to dig the proper path to avoid traps and enemies, and pick up all of the collectibles.

Infinite digging

Dig Dog – Treasure Hunter

Dig Dog

Rusty Moyher

Play as a dog in search of bones in this roguelike action platformer.

Play as a dog just searching for bones in this challenging roguelike platform digger.

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